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Hi everyone, Melanie here, I just made this makeup video tutorial to show you how I put this look together from beginning to end. Please keep on watching!

Step 1: Face Primer

After I washed and moisturized my face, I’m applying Mary kay Face Primer. The reason why it’s good to apply a face primer is so that it reduces the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, and pores. It also helps even out your skin tone and helps your makeup last longer.

Step 2: Foundation

The liquid foundation I’m using is Naked Skin By Urban Decay, I’ll use one pump on the back of my hand, I’ll add more when needed. I’m going to dab the flat end of the blending sponge into liquid foundation and dot a portion of my face, and do quick stippling motions all over to blend. Don’t wipe when applying this since it won’t blend very well. Make sure you get around your face close to your hairline and neck so you won’t look like you’re wearing a mask because it’s not Halloween. There are some hard to reach spots on the sides of my nose and around my eyes. I’m going to dab the pointed end of the sponge and blend.

Step 3: Concealer-Blemishes

I’m grabbing this concealer palette by Shany Seven Layer Makeup Set and I’ll be using this cream concealer since It’s closest to my skin tone. I am going to dab the areas that are needed. I will then grab the blending sponge and take the flat end and make dabbing motions to blend the concealer.

Step 4: Concealer-Dark Circles

I will be applying Instant Age Rewind for dark circles By Maybelline. I’m only applying this under my eyes and in the inner corner. I’ll then use the corner of the blending sponge to blend.

Step 5: Translucent Powder

I’m picking up a powder foundation brush and I will be using this with Mary Kay Translucent Powder. I’m going to use the power to set the concealer and the liquid foundation.

Instead of making swirling motions, I’ll to do dabbing motions because I don’t want to mess up the work I just did and I don’t want to sweep the powder off my face.

Step 6: Bronzer

I’ll be adding Blushing Mocha by Physicians Formula along with a contouring brush. I’m lightly adding powder to the brush because it’s easier to add on than it is to take off. Put it under the cheekbones starting from the back and moving forward.

Step 7: Blush

I’m using a blush brush and the blush palette from Shany 7 Layer Makeup Set. I’m going to take this dark rose color. I’m going to start on my cheekbone and work my way back. Bring the brush down a little bit where the bronzer is so that there isn’t an obvious separation between the bronzer and the blush.

Step 8: Blend With Fluffy Brush

Taking a big fluffy brush I will be making sweeping motions on my cheeks to blend the blush and the bronzer.

Step 9: Eyebrows

I’m taking Dark Perfect Brow by Cameo and filling in my eyebrows with this dark brown. The only tools I’ll need is an eyebrow brush and a clean mascara wand to brush my eyebrows.

Step 10: Eye Primer

Before I start on the eye shadow, I will be applying Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion all over my lids. This will give a smooth surface to work on, prevent it from creasing and smudging throughout the day and helps your eye shadows last longer.

Step 11: Eye Shadow

I’m creating this look with the Second Edition 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette by BH Cosmetics. Using a big eye shadow brush, I’m going to start with a base color which is this light brown. I’ll be dabbing this all over my eyelid also below my eyebrow arch. As you can see, I’m dabbing this and not making sweeping motions because I don’t want the eye shadow to get all over my face.

I’m going to grab an eyeliner brush and I’ll be using the Eye Studio by Maybelline New York in blackest black. Dab the bristles into the cream pot then make a thin line on the top and lower lash line. I’m going to stretch my eyelid and apply the eye liner starting in the inner corner and working my way out. Using slight stroking motions to really fill that line in. the line doesn’t have to be perfect for this look since I’m going to smudge it anyways. After this, I will draw the lower lash line.

Next I’m going to smudge the eyeliner with a short eye shadow brush. If you don’t have a short eye shadow brush your alternative would be to use an eye shadow applicator. You can get these at the drugstore, they even come in those small eye shadow palettes. I’m going to grab the short brush, tug my eyelid and smudge the top and lower lash line in place.

I’m grabbing the eye shadow blending brush and I’m going to take this very dark brown. I’ll apply this on the outer corner and into my crease. Slightly tug on my eyelid to prevent it from creasing and make dabbing motions until I get the color that I want. I’m going to bring it into the crease, the more you bring it into the crease, the more intense it will be, it’s up to you how intense you want it.

I’m taking a medium size eye shadow brush and taking a medium to dark brown color and applying this on the middle part of my eyelid. Next, I’m going to take a small eye shadow brush and use a light brown color. I’m going to apply this on the inner part of my eyelid, not the inner corner, just the inner part. I’m going to go back to the dark brown color I used on the outer corner and crease. I’m dipping the same brush I used to smudge the eyeliner. I’m applying this on the lower lash line starting on the outer to the middle. You can also use an eye shadow applicator to do this.

We’re going to take a clean blending brush, place it on the crease, and go back and forth to blend the eye shadows together. This part is very important when applying multiple shades of eye shadows because in order for them to not look divided you need to blend them.

I’m going to grab a dome size eye shadow brush and sweep this along the edge of the eye shadows to soften them. I want to add a highlighter to the inner corner of my eye with a small eye shadow brush. Using this shimmery color, it looks white but it’s not, it has a bit of a golden undertone to it. I’m applying this on the inner corner and a little bit where the lower lash line meets the inner corner.

I finished applying the eye shadow, I’m going to top it off with Telescopic Clean Definition by L’Oreal Mascara. I’ll also curl my lashes first with an Eyelash Curler.

Last but not least, I’m going to put on some lip color. I’m using Butter Gloss by NYX in Crème Brulee. I like this color because it’s a nude color with a little bit of pink.

Well I just finished my look. I hope you guys enjoyed this, if you did please subscribe to my Channel. Check out my facebook, twitter, instragram and Pinterest. Hang out with me at my blog

Thank you so much for taking the time and reading/watching my makeup tutorial, it is very much appreciated. Will see you on the next video!!!


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